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Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Rostovsky Watches prides itself on its bustling inventory of exotic and rare new and pre-owned timepieces, customer service, and an extremely loyal customer base Founded by longtime industry expert and watch connoisseur, Steven Rostovsky, Rostovsky Watches has built its business on word-of-mouth clients looking for unique timepieces not easily found at primary retailers or secondary market sources. Steven Rostovsky not only collects and sells specialty watches but is considered one of the nation’s foremost connoisseurs and longtime watch industry’s experts. After a successful career in the software business, Rostovsky started collecting watches in the late ‘90s. His love of watches quickly grew into distributing some of the most successful independent watch brands in the world. As a professional distributor and wholesaler, Rostovsky’s expertise and passion for watches, in parallel with his exclusive industry relationships, position him as a major influencer of tastes, trends, and values in the watch boutique economy. He also serves as an expert consultant for those requiring purchasing guidance as well as building and growing noteworthy watch collections.